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All equipment shall be new and of the latest type and model available and shall consist of all items reasonably incidental to a complete installation. The unit shall be prefabricated, all metal clad, and sectionally constructed. It shall be designed for easy and accurate field assembly.


All panel sections shall have rigid foam insulation, with a thermal conductivity factor (K) of not more than 0.13 BTU per hour. The insulation must remain stable up to 200°F, and shall be rated as self-extinguishing by Underwriters Laboratories. All panels shall be foamed at the factory to properly bond the metal pans to form a rigid panel.

Panel Construction -


Side panels shall be made with widths not to exceed 48 inches. These sections shall be 4 ½ inches thick and shall consist of factory foamed rigid urethane insulation between the interior and exterior metal pans.


Floor sections shall be fabricated with fir framing which has been treated according to National Sanitation Foundation specifications.

No Floor:

Walk-ins are designed for easy installation without a floor. A screed is provided for this application. Screed is to be secured to building floor after the walk-in is erected.

Ceiling Interior:

Ceiling sections shall be fabricated with fir framing which has been treated according to National Sanitation Foundation specifications.

Corner Panels:

Corner panels are designed similar to side panel, and are fastened to side panels with cam locks. A double row of factory installed gasket seals corner panels to side panels. The inside metal covering is coved to provide for easy cleaning.


Standard door panels shall be 48 inches wide, and provide a door opening of 30 inches wide and 76 5/8 inches high. The door will be overlap type and is to self closing. Vinyl gasket shall be used to provide a positive seal around entire perimeter of door. The door panel shall be equipped with a heated air vent to equalize air pressure, dial thermometer, and a 115 volt electric heater cable around the perimeter of the door frame to prevent condensation around the gasket area and eliminate freezing and sticking of the door gasket. Door section shall also include a prewired interior vapor proof light with externally mounted switch and neon pilot light. A switched 115 volt heater cable in the door shall be provided for low cabinet temperature, high exterior humidity applications. Construction and insulation of the door panel shall be similar to wall panels. The finish of the door and door frame will match the walls in which it is located unless otherwise specified. Half and full size solid reach-in doors of similar construction and swing and sliding glass display door arrangements also available for normal or low temperature applications.

Finish Interior and Exterior Walls and Interior Ceiling:

     Aluminum sheet, 0.32 inch, stucco pattern finish

     Stainless steel type 304, 22 gauge, Number 3 finish (for exterior side wall only)

     Stainless steel type 304, 24 gauge, Number 3 finish (for interior side wall only and ceiling)

     Pre-painted white galvanized sheet, 24 gauge finish

Interior Floor:

     .063 Diamond Plate Aluminum

Exterior Floor and Ceiling:

     Galvanized sheet steel, 22 gauge

Panel Locking:

Walk-in panels shall be fastened together using cam fasteners along all wall sections. Maximum distance between these cam locks shall not exceed 48 inches. Cam locks shall consists of a hooked locking arm placed in one panel, and a steel rod precisely positioned in the adjoining panel, thus by turning the locking arm, the hook shall engage the rod, and with a cam-action draw the panels tightly together. Locks shall be actuated from inside the walk-in. Press fit caps shall be provided to seal wrench holes.


Entrance door panel shall be provided with a vapor-proof light fixture with a shatter proof globe. A light switch and red neon indicator light shall be flush mounted on the exterior.

Dial Thermometer:

Flush-face dial-type thermometer shall be mounted on the door panel. It shall provide temperature readings in a range from -40° to +65°F (-40° to +18°C).

Hardware -

Door Hinges:  Each door shall have two chrome finish cam-lift hinges with a nylon cam-type bearing. These hinges shall be of a heavy duty type with a strap length of 9 inches.

Door Latch: The latch shall be designed to easily open the door when it is released. It shall be a chrome finished safeguard latch which will have an adjustable strike. A ‘glow in the dark’ safety release push rod will allow for easy opening from the inside even when locked. Latch is designed for use with padlock. Keyed latched are available.

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